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Hello Lovely!

I'm so grateful and honored to have the opportunity to work with you, support you and cheer you on as you uncover your gifts, create a Source-fueled business, reach your goals and create a life & business that you love without the burnout.

This onboarding welcome package is an opportunity for me to get to know you a little better and to help me understand what your top goals are for our time together. 

It is important for me to ensure that our time together is spent in the areas that are of the most importance to you. While our time may often primarily be focused on your business, it will also often extend it's focus to your relationships, finances, mindset, emotions, beliefs as well as any inner challenges that present themselves as we move forward. 

In order to help me best support you through this, I find it helpful if you can complete the following questions so that when we start our Voxer relationship together we can really dig in.

All answers and personal information you enter here will remain entirely confidential and will be used only for the purpose of supporting you during our coaching. 

If you have any questions about this packet or are uncomfortable with answering any of the questions, please feel free to let me know. This is a completely optional questionnaire, so if there is a question you would rather leave unanswered, I honor and respect that completely.

I'm so looking forward to working with you!

Much love, 

Vanessa xx

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